Today’s CrossFit WOD 360 Air Squats & 180 Hip Extensions!  A crushing WOD that just destroyed my legs for days afterward.  And 100% of today’s athletes completed it RX’d!  There will be some sore legs tomorrow.  A great day for our CrossFit Empower family.
CrossFit Family
In CrossFit everyone has a chance to excel and a chance to crush the coaches is always fun.  There were plenty of coach-hunters out today.

Sandman was the only one to turn up at 5:30am on the chill Vancouver morning and he blasted through this WOD beating both The Touch and I with a sub 15 minute time that would stands as today’s best score!

Yeti having slept through his alarm stumbled across Dunbar Street at 6:30am hoping there would be a class.  There was not.  Just me doing my WOD so he joined me and got to celebrate beating The Touch’s score!

9:15am was a full house and not only did everyone RX it, EVERYONE finished faster than The Touch!  100%  Smash finished under 20 minutes!
CrossFit on Dunbar
And HHH, not content with beating one coach beat my time also posting a time second only to Sandman!
CrossFit Empower
12:00pm was also full and determined to complete RX’d.  Tamahock bested The Touch, Super Mario & Mr. Fantastic scored sub 20 minute finishes.
CrossFit in Vancouver
But it was PomPom who had the most impressive performance.  She overcame her dizziness on the Hip Extensions to power through this WOD!  It was a big breakthrough once again demonstrating uncommon courage and determination!  As a coach I couldn’t be prouder!
CrossFit Victory
There will be some sore legs tomorrow.  Consider them a badge of honour.  Willing to work hard to get fit?