Have you ever thought about running away and joining the circus? If so Sunday’s workout was made for you.

For those brave souls coming in for the 100 meter handstand walk we will spend most of the hour working on overhead stability and the handstand.  And towards the end of the hour we will spend twenty minutes handstand walking, doing hand to hands, or bear crawling. This will put our circus skills to the ultimate test.

On Sunday we will get a lot of practice and work on getting ourselves upside down. Are you excited for a practice day/ how sweet does the circus sound right now?


Warm up

2 rounds (1 min each)

Inch worm

Side Plank

Bear crawl

Hollow hold



Wall walks

Kick ups

Handstand walking


100 m Handstand walk


20 min Handstand walk Amrap

Cool down

Neck circles

Arm raises

Wrist stretch

Child pose