On Thursday you get to work on your sprinting. We will spend fifteen to twenty minutes warming up with some dynamic movements and will hit your workout at about 75-80% once you are warm. Zoomers we have a burpee option for you if you do not have room for a 100m run or another piece of cardio equipment.  I like this workout but we need to take the appropriate time to warm up and cool down properly or it can end poorly.

For your dynamic warm up you will start with the classics like high knees, butt kicks, forward/ backwards skips, etc. But if you want to spice up your warm up check out the video below. Any of you coming to the open gym please take a look in the tech session for distances on other pieces of equipment. I may seem over cautious but I remember at the old gym some of the boys over doing this workout.  With this in mind the warm up is very important.

Thought of the day

Fail to plan equals planning to fail.


I have been thinking about nutrition again and I realize that if I don’t plan my meals and have everything prepped when I am hungry take out is the click of a button away. This Idea is the same with your workout, if you come in with even a loss plan you are more likely to get something of value done. Try having a pre warm up that you do before  each session for the next two weeks. It can be as simple as two minutes of yoga flow or ten pvc overhead squats. Having this loss plan will get you focused and ready to tackle the day’s workout and help you be more engaged for the real warm up.

For tomorrow having a solid warm up planned  will make all the difference. We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym.


QOD: Favourite way to warm up?

Warm Up

Hip swings

Leopard crawl

Dynamic warm up



150m Row

150m airdyne or 200m echoBike

100m ski



10 rounds

100m run

90 second rest


10 rounds

30 sec burpees

90 second rest

Cool down

Calf stretch

Couch stretch

Runners stretch

Child pose

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