I have very fond memories of CrossFit open workout fifteen point three. I remember how it shook up the CrossFit world Because it starting with muscle ups. Up until this workout the muscle ups were always after all the other movements. On Thursday you have a great opportunity to work on the pieces for this higher level skill.

My favourite part of Thursday’s workout is that it is only fourteen minutes long. Regardless of your ability with the movements, in this workout, you will get a good amount of time to practice your skills.

I ran a client through this one on Tuesday and for him it had been a long time since doing double unders. So we did twenty five doubles then seventy five single unders. He got a great workout and skipping looked better in the workout then it did as we warmed up.  What is the best thing you can get out of this one for yourself?

Fond memories

When I did this one for the first time it was right after I had given my notice at my second job. It was the first time I had committed to being a full time coach. After a late night ,at my other job,  I walked into our gym on Dunbar street to cheer people on and got talked into do this one rather than waiting for my usual Monday workout time.  For all the anxiety and worry about the muscle ups I came out with seven straight  and was even able to string some double unders together ( at the time this was not common place).

Sometimes when we commit to something that’s all it takes for us to really show up. It was very scary to quite my second job and walk into the gym that morning after working all night. But sometimes these challenging moments and moments of breakthrough will be the ones that stick with you.  What state of mind should you be in to get the most out of Thursday’s training day? We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym for open workout fifteen point three.




QOD:  Toughest thing you are glad you did?

Warm up

3 rnds  1 minute each


Hip swings, Lunges, squats

Hollow (hold, superman, rock)



Wall Ball




14 Minute Amrap

7 Mu

50 wall balls

100 DU

Cool Down

Trunk rotations

Hip swings

Shoulder circles