For Tuesday we have a repeat from 2017. If you would like to search your previous score it is in the system as, Run-Pull up-C&J.  For scaling options take a look in the workout notes below.

On this workout you will be working for three minutes with a one minute rest between rounds. There is always a run buy in but the first and third rounds will be max pull-ups and the second and forth will be max clean and Jerk.  It is a great way to spend fifteen minutes.

See you all on zoom and in the open gyms.


QOD:  What is the best part about the holidays?

Warm up

3 rnds

1 minute each

Full body rocks

Plank (L,M,R)

Marching, High Knees, Butt kicks



Clean and jerk

Pull ups


On a 15 minute timer

0:00- 3:00 + 8:00-11:00 400m run + max pull ups

1 minute rest

4:00- 7:00 + 12:00-15:00 400m run + max Clean and Jerks 105/155#

1 minute rest



Run: 1km echo bike, 700m airdyne , 500m row, 400m ski, or 30 burpees

Clean and Jerk: Dumbbell, kettlebell, beer keg, sandbag, or back pack

Pull up watch video:


Cool down

Arm raises

Shoulder circles

Dragon and pigeon poses

Child pose