With the 2021 CrossFit open right around the corner it is time for a repeat open workout. 16.1 was the first time that overhead barbell lunges were brought into the open. For those without twenty five feet, to work with, you will do eight alternating lunges.

I did this as a home work out this time, and got the pleasure of doing a double dumbbell overhead lunge. Zoomers you just need something to lift, jump over on the burpee, and a pull up variation. This one will be twenty minutes of magic and wonder for you.

If you are coming to the open gym, take a little bit of time in your tech to do some lat pull ups and beat swings before moving on to your pull ups.  The chest to bars are the happy place for me in this one. Thursday’s workout will be a good opportunity to challenge your pull up and  find a good progression.


Doing the hard things first


I have been reading Attempts, from renowned strength coach Dan John, My favourite concept so far is: Eat the biggest, ugliest toad first. By doing this the rest won’t seem so bad. What is the thing that you have been putting off?  Try tackling that one first. I have found it very helpful on my non coaching days to get things done and be productive.

In training the big ugly toad maybe the non sexy movement that is not very instagram worthy but will move your fitness forward. Getting your strict pull ups before your muscle up or working on shoulder stability before going super heavy overhead are just a few examples.  What is the low hanging fruit for your training?

Your challenge for today is to get moving on the big ugly toads in your life. What has been in your way from getting them done? I know for myself, sometimes I spend too much time over thinking. But action is usually the key to getting back on track and getting over these things. We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym for 16.1.




QOD:  would you rather win the lottery or work at the perfect job?

Warm up (1 min of each)

2 rnds

Shoulder pass throughs

Hip swings

Ohs (pvc)

Wall walks

Samson lunge






20 Minute Amrap

25 ft OH Lunge 65/95

8 Burpee overs

25 ft OH Lunge

8 C2B

If you don’t have the space do eight static lunges

Cool down

Pull overs

Hip cross overs


  • Leon