June 25 2015
17 years ago this day I married my love and it has been a wonderful 17 years indeed!

Woke early at 4:45am eager to get a start on the day.  Did a couple loads of laundry and my blog while Sunghee slept.  Kaelin was up too probably excited for his last day of school.

When Sunghee woke I took us out to the Cozy Inn Cafe on Dunbar for breakfast.
We drove Kaelin to school then drove through downtown Vancouver, over the Lions Gate bridge and then to Lynn Canyon where I took Sunghee on our first date and also the place I proposed to her several months later.  Hungry again (still) we ate again.
Then we took a walk.  Of course, this seemed like a much better idea before I sprained my ankle on Tuesday’s 10K run.  Now I just looked ridiculous hobbling about the trails.  But I discovered that if I stayed in the ball of my foot keeping my left heel off the ground there was little pain.  Still looked ridiculous.  And my calves got very tired from the awkward gait.  Sunghee was a good sport and we kept the walk short driving on to West Vancouver library.

Sunghee got lots of Korean materials while I fielded a business call & found a math book for Kaelin.

Drove back to Vancouver stopping at a discount clothing shop to try on summery outfits for Sunghee.  She got some cute shorts and sun glasses.  Hungry again we went to Aphrodite’s.
We reminisced about highlights from our first 17 years but there were so many great memories to choose from!  We have been truly blessed.

We picked up Kaelin from school and went in to thank his teacher for the wonderful job she did supporting him in his transition.  She had great things to say about him and was surprised at how quickly he adapted.  Certainly his report reflected the hard work he has put in catching up to his peers.  This is a kid who only taught himself to read a year ago and has never written by hand before and in 7 short months he’s adjusted very well.  We are so proud of him!

He was very sad that school ended and took a long afternoon nap at home.  We rested and I ate a clean meal before heading to CrossFit to coach the 8pm class.  Sunghee did the WOD.

We returned home together feeling very happy about our successes.