This Saturday we get to do the 1775, which was released on June 14, 2016, in celebration of the founding of the US Army (June 14, 1775). This workout is originally a 60-minute AMRAP of 17 power cleans and 75 air squats. However, to be able to finish it within our 50-minute group class time, you will do a shorter version (40 minutes) of the workout. In the original workout, the barbell should be unloaded after each round and carried 200 meters away. Then each of the plates should be carried (one by one) to the barbell before starting the next round.

In our modified version of the workout, you will just carry a plate and not the barbell. Strip the bar after each round, do a 600-m plate carry (ending at the gym) and then load the bar and start the next round.



This is still a long workout. Pick a manageable, yet challenging weight for your power cleans, and make sure that you have a plate to carry. Also doing this as a team WOD is a good option.

For those of you on the zoom, you can do the power cleans using a pair of dumbbells, or an object like a backpack, and then do a 600 m carry with the same object.


See you all in group classes, on zoom or in the open gyms.



Big Cat


Warm Up, 1 min each

– Full body rocks

– Russian KB Swings

– Reverse lunges


Then Clean drop sequence



-Power Clean

-Air squat



1775 (Modified)

40 minutes AMRAP

-17 Power Cleans (95/135 #)

-75 Air squats

Unload the barbell after each round and do a 600 m plate carry.


Cool down

–          PVC Pipe Flagpole

–          Dragon Pose/Pigeon pose

–          Hip cross-overs

–          Child Pose