With the open just around the corner we have another open repeat for you. 18.4 starts with deadlifts and handstand push ups and then transitions to heavier deadlifts and handstand walking if you are able to get through the first section in the nine minute time cap.

As far as open workouts I like this one. But for anyone taking on the 2021 open use this nine minute workout as an opportunity to move, do not redline today.  What I like about it is that it pairs a movement I really like the deadlift with a movement that I need work on in the handstand push up.  Also nine minutes is plenty of time to work and feel like you got some practice in.

This was another early Sunday morning workout for me.  I kept it low intensity and still managed to get a few deadlifts on the three hundred and fifteen pounds in before the nine minute time cap. I am hopeful that we will see this one again so I can push a little harder and get some handstand walks in.

For you take today to get into a great deadlift position and really refine your movements on the handstand push up or progression. We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym for 18.4.





QOD: What is a movements you hope to miss in the 2021 open?

Warm up

3 rnds

3/3 RDLs

5 Bent over rows

3 wall walks

5 Inch worm (push up/ pike push up)




Handstand walk



9 minute time cap


Deadlift 155/225



Deadlift 205/315

50 ft Handstand walk

Cool down

Trunk rotations

Dragon/ pigeon poses

Hip cross overs