We had a full house Saturday for benchmark workout Annie.  Though we only gave members 20 minutes to complete, there were lots of double under breakthroughs.  Even those who didn’t finish experienced some improvements.  And there were more than a few personal bests.  Motor discovered that you can get the WOD done faster when you just slow down.  The biggest best of the day had to be Mufasa who improved on his Annie time from just-about-eternity to only 20:10!

Our second visitor Saturday morning was the Power Up Nutrition team of Annie and Kate who came to discuss eating for body composition.  It was a smaller than expected turn out.  Maybe you were expecting another diet talk.  Or maybe you thought you knew everything you needed to know about nutrition.  Well, Power Up is not about diets or deprivation.  In fact, the great majority of women they deal with are surprised to discover that their body composition problems are a result of under eating!  Once they up their food intake (with the right kinds of food) they see themselves lean out and start performing better in the gym.  You’ve witnessed this with Empower members like Hard Rock and Motor.  Annie doesn’t want you to completely change what and how you eat; she just wants you to begin tracking so you can make the adjustments that will have the greatest effect.

Our CanWest hopefuls came in for their first and last official practice session in preparation for the January 24th CanWest Qualifiers.  We worked on mindset, transitions, hustle and mindset.  No, I didn’t accidentally type mindset twice.  If there’s one thing that will make the biggest performance difference in life and in CrossFit it is your mindset!  Our team did a great job in the practice WOD, I am very confident they will perform well in the qualifiers:)

There was a great turn out at 1pm for HeeHee’s Laughter session.  I once attended a laughter session run by one of HeeHee’s mentors and found it awkward and forced.  Yesterday’s session was anything but.  My wife is such a fountain of pure joy, there is nothing forced about her laughter and it is powerfully contagious.  Getting the laughter started was not a problem, the hardest part was getting it to stop!

It was a real pleasure to watch the wellspring of joy that poured from each participant.  One attendee suggested this become a monthly Empower community activity which sounds like a fantastic plan to me!