20.1 I channeled the spirit of the Macho Man Randy Savage to help avenge my 2019 loss to Sprite.  Unfortunately the Macho Man didn’t have the moxie to earn the win and was instead sent around the block in flames.

So this week I need a new adversary and I’ve decided to challenge someone whose comeuppance is long overdue!  This is an Empower member who seems to upstage me at every turn.  When I wear a Mohawk, she shaves her head for charity.  When I do handstand walks wearing sunglasses, she does handstand walks into ninja rolls.  Whatever I do, she has to go one better.

It probably irritates you too how quietly smug and superior she is with her beautiful bar muscle ups, her flawless handstand walks, her graceful pistols and her smooth-as-Silk lifts.  So on your behalf, and mine, I am calling out Silk!

And for those of you still under the illusion that she is an angel who should be adored rather than punished, let me point out that she is in fact an evil genius with masterful camouflage skills.  Positioning herself next to Sandman she merely appears angelic by contrast.  But Mussolini himself would appear a saint next to Sandman and it was often said about Stalin: “At least he’s not Sandman!”

So, with the Macho Man deftly dispatched by Sprite, this weekend I’m conjuring up a stronger brand of magic to put an end to Silk’s quiet reign of supremacy.  See you Saturday Silk!