So the second workout of the Open is here and it is a repeat of 17.1.  For those of us who under performed the last time it is an opportunity for redemption.  Personally I am thrilled to get a second crack at it!

At 20 minutes long this one requires little space and equipment, 1 box and one dumbbell is all you need to get through the RX or scaled equipment versions.  I appreciate the consideration of CF HQ in this regard. 

These are two great movements but the rep scheme is deceptively tough so pace yourself.  We’ve already had several members get it done and I expect most of the others will get after it Saturday during our Make Up Day.  I’ll be coaching Zoomers through a reset so competitors be sure to arrange your own judge and come prepared.  We only have a 45 minute window so if you and a friend both plan to do the workout in the same time block you will have to start right away and have t0 transition quickly between heats if you are going to get through in time.

We’ve now used most of the items on the 2021 Open equipment list: skipping rope, box & dumbbell.  The only remaining pieces are the barbell and pull up bar.  I’m afraid my friends that this means 20.3 will likely be some evil combination of thrusters and pull ups (frankly every combination of these two movements is evil).  The good news is that with a 15 minute and 20 minute WOD already in the books the third one figures to be a shorter event, maybe sub 10 minutes, hopefully sub 5.  Fran anyone?

Have fun on 20.2.  We’re almost done.  Use the appropriate version.  If the RX’d dumbbell or box heights are too challenging, go with the scaled version.  If you’re at home with no box, try the equipment free version.

Saturday Make Up Day

1) 4 Rounds
50m DB Lunges @45#
350m DB Farmer’s Carry @45#

2) CF Open 21.1
15 minute time cap
1 wall walk
10 du
3 wall walks
30 du
6 wall walks
60 du
9 wall walks
90 du
15 wall walks
150 du
21 wall walks
210 du

3) Front Squat

4) OS Reset #4
1 min Belly Breathing Lying On Back Holding Knees
30 Seconds Head Nods On Hands And Knees
30 Seconds Head Rotations On Hands And Knees

1 Minute Upper-Body Rolls
1 Minute Lower-Body Rolls 

5 Minutes
20 Dead Bugs W/ Head Elevated
10 Windshield Wipers W/ Top Leg Straight        

5 Minutes
20x Rock On Hands And Knees W/ Left Leg Out
20x Rock On Hands And Knees W/ Right Leg Out
20x  Speed Skaters        

7 Minutes
Forward & Backwards Hands And Knees Crawling