The Repeat

The Touch called it.  CrossFit Open WOD 20.3 was this year’s repeat.  It was CrossFit Open WOD 18.4 all over again but this time we were better prepared.  Many more Empower athletes had HSPU’s this time around.

And as with any repeat WOD, we knew better how to pace appropriately.

There were a lot more moving parts to this one with 6 athletes per heat, HSPU measurement standards, plate changes, etc.

Thanks to everyone who helped out keeping it organized.

Thanks to athletes and judges who showed up well in advance of your heat to make sure you were set up and ready to go.

Thanks to HeeHee for running the BBQ and to Sprite for arriving early to help me with set up.

Thanks to everyone who stuck around to help with clean up after the fact.

There were a lot of deadlifts in this one and we’re grateful to our athletes for not dropping the barbells and disturbing our neighbours.

There is no doubt that this WOD be easier if we were able to drop the barbell each rep.  But it is easier to put down barbells carefully than to try to find a new home on Vancouver’s West Side.  Ideal, no.  Necessary, yes.  Thanks for being good sports about it.

And great job on the HSPU’s.  It’s very exciting to see how many more people can RX this movement than in 2018!

Away WODs
Congratulations to Shine and Doc Disc who both completed 20.3 as an away WOD earning points for their teams.

Doc Disc visited Amity CrossFit in Palo Alto California.
He said the people were very nice.
He said he was excited that he could RX even though he didn’t get many reps through.

Shine : The problem is my lack of hand stand push ups. I did the deadlifts in 3:37. I eventually got a few with 3 ab mats for a moral victory. It was CrossFit Southie.  My judge was a strapping young hockey player named Matt who looked exactly like the Winkelvosses in The Social Network.  I’d like to say I still like CosssFit Empower best, where we have folks of all ages.  But let’s be nice about CrossFit Southie! They were great to me! We can say I enjoyed my welcome at a much “youthier” gym.

Intramural Teams
Great job bringing the energy teams!  Usually by week 3 a bit of competition fatigue has set in and the excitement of week one is noticeably diminished.  Not so this year.

Teams have made a great effort to keep the energy alive which is important since they will be evaluated on this as part of week 5’s challenge.

There were once again some fun and fantastic costumes.

And participants really seem to have gotten into the spirit of personal challenges.

This may be the most fun part of the Open every week.

Lots of members did their obligatory lap around the block.

The Touch showed us that Crusher makes a good little teacup.

HHH had to shop No Frills superhero style.

The Unicorns reunited and Electric had to publicly declare his love for DK.

Hard Rock put on a sexy strip tease which inspired other booty shakers.

And Sandman’s swipe at “low-hanging fruit” left a bitter taste in his mouth as Fierce gifted all the women of Empower by sending him topless around the block (sorry Silk, things got out of hand in your absence).

Remember to log your score for 20.3 and rest up for next week.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience a Saturday morning Open event with us, you have 2 weeks left to join in on the fun.