Yesterday we came together to take on CrossFit Open WOD 20.4.

It was another 20 minute event but a very different sort of 20 minutes than 20.2.

Step ups, clean & jerks and pistols were the movements with the barbell becoming progressively heavier.

This required a lot of space, equipment and coordination.  In addition to judges, participants needed plate changers to help them through.

Thanks everyone who helped keep things organized.

Thanks as always to Sprite and also to HHH and Smash, all of whom helped with early set up.

Thanks to our BBQ crew for keeping us well-fed.

And thanks for the whole crew of folks who stayed to help us clean up.  This was our biggest clean up yet and we were there until twenty past one.

Week four and you still brought incredible energy!

Teams were in full effect.

It was The Heat’s 50th birthday and he had this to say:
Can you please pass along my thanks to the entire Empower Community for all the fantastic birthday wishes.  It was so amazing to receive birthday wishes and congratulations from so many people today… and humbling to be spoiled by Fierce with her delicious chocolate/nut slices (which she prepared in advance while she was expecting any day) and by Rose who made me an exquisite chocolate mousse pie as well as my team with their gift of chocolate and the card from all.  Really touching and appreciated.

My friend, CrossFit Vancouver veteran, Anthony, stopped by and joined us in the 11am after-heat.

He told me he has traveled to hundreds of CrossFit gyms worldwide.

Many try, but nowhere has he seen a CrossFt gym successfully create a family-friendly space as we have done.

“It wasn’t so hard,” I explained to him,”We were already so childish that the kids fit right in.”


So step ups were the way to go on this one.

It certainly appears that having a background in step aerobics was an advantage in this one.

The clean and jerk got heavier each round which would prove the limiting factor for everyone not named Hard Rock.
But it did result in some personal bests.

I know for certain that HeeHee and Dauntless scored personal bests of 105 and 110lbs respectively.

If you scored a best be sure to put it on the best board so we can share in your accomplishment.

If you got far enough, pistols could prove the limiting factor in the WOD though we saw a lot of great pistols performed yesterday!

Hard Rock crushed this one easily posting our gym’s top score.  She made it through the heavy clean and jerks and into the second set of pistols.  Glad I challenged her last week and not this week!

This week Wario-Father was up against Super Mario and it was a fun battle.  Though I had the early lead, Super Mario made up a lot of ground in the pistols.  We can both move a heavy barbell.  He wound up just 3 reps behind me in the clean & jerk at 225lbs.  The Touch tied me on the lifts but, sneaky bugger than he is, beat me on the tie break.  Getting reps at that weight will be a big separator for us all.

Another great battle was the clash of the titans featuring Silk v. Motor.  Both made it through the pistols with enough time for a couple game attempts at the 145lb clean & jerk.  They ended up with Motor winning on the tie break!

Lots of challenges were issued again this week.

And we were once again blessed with sunny weather for our run around the block.

D-Knee had a great weekend at CrossFit Montreal with a score of 161RX 19:14 tiebreaker!

And Mr. Fantastic sent greetings from San Diego.  Stay classy Mr. F!

Next week we will see the conclusion of the 2020 CrossFit Open as we take on 20.5, the final competition event of this calendar year.

Great work everyone.  Rest up, we’re going to do it one more time!