2020 continues to offer up a bumpy ride to gyms and gym enthusiasts.  But somehow our 20 in 2020 contenders have managed to hang tough throughout no matter what COVID, life or the Health Authority throws at them.

Perhaps I should have been a firefighter because for the past month every week sees me rushing about trying to put out fires instead of working on the stuff I would like to be doing such as checking up on October attendance.  But when I did finally get to it today I found our unstoppable eight: Shades, Sprite, Motor, Dauntless, Shine, Fierce, HHH and Smash were still averaging well over 20 workouts per month!

With only November and December remaining is there any doubt they will make it through?  Will Motor be able to overcome her knee surgery set back and stay on track this month?  I know you’re cheering for them and so am I because they each offer up an inspiring lesson of what is possible when you commit yourself to a goal.  Each of them faced all the same hurdles that you and I did this year and refused to let their fitness goals be derailed.

There is a lot of uncertainty right now about the immediate future for gyms but at the time of this writing, our doors are still open for personal training or open gym attendance and no matter what, we will keep Zoom WODs going for you.  There has been a marked attendance slump this week and some classes are on the chopping block: 6am, 9:15am, Noon, if you want to stay on the schedule please start registering in advance for in-gym or Zoom WODs.  Time zones with less than 3 people registered (combined in-gym and/or Zoom) will be pulled from the schedule.

Also remember that 7am Thursday morning is the deadline for your lotto submission if you would like to be able to take some equipment home in the event of another shut down.  You will not get to keep the equipment you currently have so please get your lotto submission in with your equipment wishes.

And for those of you training at home and looking for some good quality Zebra tatami mats like those we use in the gym, BFG has found some in Ladner for $100 each (they sell new at $150 each plus shipping) and has offered to arrange pickup and delivery.  If interested contact him on his cell 604-315-3231 or email [email protected] before the end of the week.

Get your snacks ready for Saturday’s LLL Party at 3pm on Zoom as we find out who gets what!

Wednesday Zoom WOD
We realize that our Empower members enjoy being coached through a workout but under the current restrictions imposed by the Provincial Health Authority, Zoom classes are our only available coached option.  We are allowed to keep our doors open for members who wish to come in and train on your own while a coach is present.  You are welcome to do an in-gym version of the programmed Zoom WOD so long as you remain compliant with all our COVID safety protocols and remain in your designated station and refrain from all high-intensity interval training.  If you are attending an open gym time that coincides with a coached Zoom WOD session we ask that you arrive at the start of the class so that the coach can conduct the necessary COVID check-in procedures and help you get set up at your station without interrupting the Zoom class.

Equipment: Kettlebell or dumbbell or back pack

Warm Up
1 min Cross Crawls
1 min Russian KB Swings
1 min Cross Crawls
1 min Alternating Single Arm KB Swings
1 min Skipping
1 min CrossFit KB Swings
1 min Skipping

KB Swing
Run or alternatives (2 min, 5 min, 8 min efforts)

45 KB Swings
400m Run
35 KB Swings
800m Run
25 KB Swings
1200m Run
15 KB Swings

Cool Down
Forearm Stretch
Quad Stretch
Piriformis Stretch
Downward Dog
Pigeon Pose