Sometimes when we are trying to learn new skills we get stuck. Do we try pull-ups without a band or just grab the band we are used to? Do you try a handstand push up progression with a greater range of motion or just grab three abmats? Have you ever had questions like these and not known what is the best for your progress?

I got a great observation from a member, that sometimes we get stuck in these situations. Yes we can do a few unassisted pull ups but can we really do twenty five in a round? A good strategy for you is not to just do the whole workout with the assistance you are comfortable with but find a rep scheme or progression that challenges you. For example if five rounds of twenty five pull-ups is too much try five unassisted each round and do twenty with a band or ring rows.

Those are random numbers above but for the 2007 workout let’s make a plan to help you with your pull-ups. Going to our comfort zone will not get us where we want to go but pushing a little farther each time will help us on our skill journey.

Coach what if I can only do one unassisted pull up? Do one each round and do the other twenty four with hard ring rows or a band. This way we challenge ourselves and we went from one in a workout to five. Many of you have done a great job of implementing this Idea. Keep it up and if you ever feel stuck talk to us. We are always happy to geek out and help.

Do you feel stuck on a movement? Remember that Rome was not build in a day and if we take one little step out of our comfort zone each workout we will make forward progress in our skill development.


Warm up

3 rnds


10 ring rows or bent over rows

1 min plank L M R


Pull ups





1000m Row


5 rnds

25 pull ups

7 push jerks 95/135#



Pull up variations: bent over row and watch video for other ideas

Row: 60 Burpees, 100 SDHP, 750m ski, 800m run, 1500m airdyne, or 2000m echo

Cool down

Shoulder pass throughs

Grip stretch

Child pose with pvc