It may feel as though you have taken a beating this year.  It’s fair to say that 2020 caught you off guard with a sneaky COVID sucker punch-shut down combo.  A shot of rioting, a cancel culture kick-in-the-teeth while you were down and it looked like you were beat.

But not you.  You’re tougher than that.  Yes, 2020 took you down hard and kicked some dirt in your face, spit on you and had a good laugh at your expense but just because you’re down does not mean you are out!

COVID caught you by surprise. But even while taking your lumps you were watching and learning your adversary’s tactics.  And now you know a little bit about COVID.  And if after school cartoons taught me anything it is that “Knowing is half the battle.”

You’ve had your share of sand kicked in your face and you’ve come through armed with a better understanding of your attacker and now indignation replaces fear as you get back up, brush off the dirt, roll up your sleeves and prepare to take the fight to COVID.

Sure a vaccine is on its way to back you up but you do not need to wait for a rescue before taking control of this situation.  After all, COVID is nothing but a puffed up virus not dissimilar to the common cold or flu and you’ve been fighting those all your life.  It’s time to get in the fight and here’s your battle plan to stand up and put that bully COVID back in its place:

Niacin helps speed recovery from COVID by almost 10 days (average 1.3 vs 11.0 days)!  The lesson here is eat well!  Nutrition is critical to maintaining a healthy immune system.  Eat lots of real food and then supplement with something like HEAL just to make sure your bases are covered.  Vitamins and minerals are the ammunition your body needs to fight off invaders, do not leave your defenses unarmed.

Ketogenic diets may help prevent the dreaded COVID-triggered cytokine storm that puts people in ICU on ventilators.  I’m not saying you should go on a ketogenic diet but note again how critical a role eating plays in your immune response.  High carb diets trigger an insulin response, insulin is an inflammatory hormone, too much inflammation impairs your immune response.  I know being shut down, locked in and the approaching holidays puts you in the mood for high-carb comfort foods but try to reign in the cravings.  Keep the carbs low and stay in the fight!

Vitamin D helps your Killer T-cells and Helper T-cells take on cancer, heart disease, the common cold and yes, COVID!  I’ve already shared studies showing the inverse relationship between COVID symptoms and Vitamin D levels but this recent study explains why vitamin D is so important for your immune system.  Think of Vitamin D as the sergeant who rallies your T-cells and directs them to engage the enemy.  Without Vitamin D they are slow to get into the fight leaving you exposed.  The best Vitamin D source is sunshine and the past few weeks have blessed us in abundance but it won’t last forever so go out and get some!  As a hedge, I also recommend supplementing with Vitamin D3. 

And here’s a bonus: The Measles, Mumps, Rubella vaccine may provide some protective benefits against COVID-19.  The presence of MMR antibodies correlates with lower COVID severity and may explain why children seem less affected and why certain populations (those with widespread vaccinations) are far less susceptible and suffer milder symptoms.  Have you had your MMR vaccination?  The good news is absent other underlying comorbidities, if you have been vaccinated your COVID-19 defenses should be pretty good!

Sure 2020 laid a beating on you but are you going to take it lying down?  Or are you going to get back up and get in the fight?  COVID ain’t that tough.  I hope you have had your MMR vaccine;  Defense number 1.  Now get some good nutrients into you, lots of fruits, veggies, meat fish, nuts and seeds and arm your defenses; Defense number 2.  Cut down the carbs, low sugar and starch and keep your system primed to fight; Defense number 3.  Get some sunlight, supplement Vitamin D and keep the troops alert and ready to rush to your defense; Defense number 4.  Add in hand washing, masks, social distancing, exercise and good sleep habits and you’ve built yourself a near impenetrable fortress against harmful pathogens!

When you are fully armed you do not have to live in fear.  COVID can be beat.  In fact, most healthy people under 80 suffer few to no symptoms.  So if the average person recovers without difficulty, you should make yourself exceptional.  Build an above average defense and ward of more than just COVID!  Any invader that manages to breach your external defenses should be overwhelmed and annihilated by your fully equipped defenders.  You are a walking, talking, virus-killing machine!

Yes, a vaccine is coming soon but don’t wait to take charge of your health because just like COVID there are other viral pathogens waiting to ambush you when you let your guard down.  Don’t be a victim, instead learn how to fight back!  2020, round 1 may have gone to COVID but the fight isn’t over.  2021 is going to be your round.  Now get back in there and go get after it champ! 

Monday WOD
Scale this workout appropriately so that you can complete it within 20-25 minutes.

Warm Up
1 min Cross Touch Deadbugs
1 min Windshield Wipers
1 min Scap Rock blade of forearm
30/30 sec single arm Scap Rock
1 min Palms down Scap Rock
1 min Judo Push Up Rock
30/30 sec Scap Rotations
1 min Scap Retractions
1 min Cross Touch Bird Dogs
1 min Crawl
1 min Leopard Crawl

MU Progressions
Pull Up/Ring Row
Ring Dip/Push Up

30 Muscle Ups


30 or 60 or 90 or 120 each
Pull Ups or Ring Rows
And Ring Dips or Push ups

Cool Down
Shoulder Series

Bonus Reel Zoe 2018