1. Rule #1: Have fun!   Fun is the whole point.  Just have fun.  It’s just like the workouts we do everyday in the gym, only you paid an extra $20 for it so let’s get $20 worth of extra fun:)

2. Book a time in advance.  Any Open Gym time will do but you may not do it between classes.  Book in advance so you don’t miss your opportunity.

3. Organize a judge to come in and see you through the workout.  It helps!  Reciprocate.  Do the judging course too so you can help someone else in turn.  Completing the judging course will also provide you valuable clarity as a competitor regarding the movement standards.  Knowing how to judge makes you a better competitor.  The on-duty coach cannot be your judge as they must attend to all other Zoom or Open Gym attendees.

3.  Remember to log your score!  Every year someone completes the WOD on time but forgets to submit their score before the Monday 5pm deadline.  Don’t let it be you!  Also make sure you’ve registered as part of Team Empower or else I will be unable to validate your score!

4.  Scale as needed.  This year the Open is more accessible than ever and you can choose between RX’d, Scaled, Foundations and Equipment-free versions of each WOD.  you can choose differently one a WOD-to-WOD basis so make sure you choose the level most appropriate to your fitness level and experience.

5.  Enjoy looking at the leaderboard – AFTER the Open is finished.  Seriously, you will have much more fun if you DO NOT obsess over the leaderboard.  You do not control anyone’s performance but your own.  Submit your score and leave it satisfied that you gave the best you had that day.  Where everyone else places is irrelevant.

6.  One and done!  Do not repeat workouts.  YOU are probably not going to the Games this year.  Your ranking is not important.  Do your best each week and leave it at that.  Some WODs will go your way, some will not.  Que sera sera.

7. Nerves are a performance enhancer.  Don’t worry if you feel nervous, be concerned if you don’t feel nervous.  That nervousness is your physiology preparing you to perform at your best.  Use your nerves to get amped up but do not let them overwhelm you.  Stay calm, stay kind, stay safe.

8.  DT says dress up.  It will brighten your day.  It will brighten someone else’s.  And it will help us all to remember Rule #1: Have Fun!

For those of you still on the fence, CrossFit Open WOD 21.1 is very accessible to all levels with the RX’d, scaled, foundations and equipment-free options all providing a very similar stimulus and requiring only 15 minutes and minimal set up.  Anyone at any level can do this one!


2020 was a very unusual year and this year’s Open doesn’t come to us in quite the same format we’ve grown accustomed to but it has come and it is an opportunity to put last year behind us and begin the road back to normalcy.  It is an opportunity to get excited, get nervous and start having fun again.

We have 19 Empower athletes representing us so far, 12 women and 7 men, our 50-54 division is particularly stacked!  Here’s the Team Empower roster based on registration to date, please cheer them on:

Division Men Women
50-54 Venom
Iron Man
Dr. T
45-49 WOD Father Pepper
35-39 Menace
Open Shorty
Teen Multi Sport

If you are registered for the 2021 CrossFit Open but do not see your name on this list, please log into your CrossFit Open Athlete profile and select CrossFit Empower as your affiliate team or else I will be unable to validate your scores.

Friday Make Up Day

1) Open WOD 18.4
With a 9 minute time cap complete Diane:
Deadlifts @155/225#

21 Deadlift @205/315#
50 foot handstand walk (in 5ft increments)
15 Deadlift @205/315#
50 foot handstand walk (in 5ft increments)
9 Deadlift @205/315#
50 foot handstand walk (in 5ft increments)

2) Pull Up Ladder
In minute 1 perform 1 pull up
In minute 2 perform 2 pull ups
In minute 3 perform 3 pull ups

Continue in this way until you are unable to complete prescribed number of pull ups within the minute.

Score = last minute completed plus # of reps performed in incomplete round

3) Squat Cleans & Ring Dips
Squat Cleans @65/95#
Ring Dips

4) Original Strength Reset #3
1 min Belly Breathing On Forearms And Knees 

30 sec Head Nods On Forearms And Knees
30 sec Head Rotations On Forearms And Knees 

1 min Upper-Body Half Rolls
1 min Lower-Body Half Rolls 

5 mins:
20 Dead Bugs
20  Rocking Chairs 

5 Mins:
20 Rocking On Hands And Knees x 20
10 Cross Crawl To Bird Dog In Push Up Position (You Can Also Do These On Your Hands And Knees) 

7 Mins:
Forward & backwards Hands And Knees Crawl