HQ has posed us an interesting challenge.  21.3 is a 15 minute workout followed immediately with no break by 21.4 which is 7 minutes long.  This means your workout is 22 minutes total time not including warm up and as per Nicole Carroll’s recommendation 21.4 does require a very thorough warm up and set up.


This means that there will only be time for one person per station to get through this workout in an Open Gym making scheduling very challenging.  I recommend you reserve your workout time now and book your judge!

Athletes, please remember, you and your judges are expected to come prepared for the workout which includes understanding all the movement standards and scoring criteria.  Please make sure that either you or your judge has printed off a copy of the appropriate scorecard.  Please note that due to the size and layout of our gym it may not be possible to exactly meet the 8 foot competition standards but we will set up the barbells to approximate it as closely as possible.  Each athlete may only have one barbell, MUST use collars and MAY NOT receive any assistance adjusting the barbell or changing plates.

It is the responsibility of the coach on duty to lead the Zoom class, watch over the Open Gym or attend to their personal training clients.  It is not their job to help you with set up, strategy, scoring or standards.  We understand that completing your final Open WOD is important to you but it must not be done at the expense of the other Empower members who have come to the gym for coaching.

Just like everyone else you are expected to have finished your WOD and be cleaned up in time for the coach to spray out the gym and admit the next group.  If you anticipate this will be challenging for you, please make sure to arrive early and start setting up as soon as possible.

Coaches are permitted to help you before or after classes if they are available but please be advised that our coaches bill at $60/30-minutes or $100/hour.  Please respect that this is how they make their living and that you are one among many athletes asking for their time and attention.  If a coach is coming in early or staying late to help you please make sure that they bill you through Zen Planner and are paid for their efforts or exchange the favour by judging them outside of class time so they can get their WOD done too.

In this same vein, I realize many of you will have questions and concerns regarding 21.3 and 21.4 but I cannot answer all of your texts or emails.  I am happy to speak to you in person as time permits but simply cannot respond to every message likely to come my way over the next 72 hours.

You may be feeling a bit stressed out but remember: we are doing this to HAVE FUN.  You are not qualifying for the Games and neither am I.  Let’s enjoy this final week of competition.

Decide whether you should take on the RX’d or the Scaled version of this WOD.  They’re not much different.  If you can do Toes to Bar and C2B Pull Ups you should RX.  Otherwise, scale.

Judges please make sure the movement standards are upheld and make sure you record the correct tie break times.  Please stop using countdown timers as they lead to scoring errors every week! 

Athletes give yourself every advantage by carefully studying the workout movements and standards.  Having excellent thruster execution will go a long way in this workout.  Would you like to improve your T2B or are you planning to get your first ones in 21.3?  If so, here is a video to study.

The first two Open WODs were logistically easy to run concurrent with regular Open Gym programming.  The final one is not.  Getting this one done will take some clever coordination and planning.  But Friday is not about Open WOD 21.3 & 21.4 it is all about: Back Squats!

Friday WOD

Equipment: Barbell or alternative, rack optional

Warm Up
Paused Squats

Zoom Alternatives

Back Squat