On Wednesday you will be taking on this year’s 4th games event. This was an interesting combination of thrusters and wall walks.  With the rep scheme counting from ten all the way to one it may be more challenging than meets the eye.  This workout will give you an opportunity to work on the wall walks, that were just introduced in the 2021 open, and to tackle a heavier than normal thruster.

As far as modification the easy first step is with the thruster. If one thirty five and one eighty five are too heavy.  You can take the weight down on the barbell or try a dumbbell alternative.  But we challenge you to use a weight a little heavier than you would in a normal thruster workout or use moderate dumbbells or kettle bells to offer another challenge.

For the wall walk you can modify how far you walk into the wall. We will make sure you hold the standard that is right for you and we can even use a box alternative if needed. The ten inch from the wall target felt easier for me than it did in the open and hopefully you will have the same experience.

Thought of the day

Over the weekend we had both the CrossFit games and the Olympics happening at the same time. It is truly inspiring to see athletes at that level perform. And crazy to think how years of preparation can come down to one big moment. Win or lose you need to put yourself in a position to know you gave it your best in that moment. In the face of adversity who do you think you would be? Would you be like Connor McGregor making a laundry list of excuses or like Brent Fikowski responsible for the outcome and making no excuses even if valid?

Just like winning the lottery, we can only speculate how  we would act in that situation but outside of the situation who would you want to be? Are there any choices you can make today that will lead to that outcome?  I watch a video a few weeks ago and saw Brent Fikowski say he will never mention injuries, personal issues, or anything else as reasons he did not perform well. He had two reasons: one everyone is going through something and two it’s a slap in the face to the athletes that come behind you.  It is great to see someone hold true to what they said they would. Even as the events were heating up.

Athletics are not just about the physical competition but also about displaying and growing who you are as a person. Who will you be during your next competition and in the face of adversity?




Warm Up

1 Minute each

Shoulder pass throughs

Side to side hip swings

Inch worms

Forward backward hip swings

Hollow hold


Clean drops plus thruster



Wall Walks



Thrusters 135/185#

Wall Walks

Cool down

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