Games Day Part 6

Its a back to school celebration!

The sunny weekends keep on continuing and so do the outdoor games along side. Upon multiple requests Capture the Flag is back on the table for this week’s Game Day.

Saturday September 12th at 2 pm Almond Park, the rematch is on, this time we shall have unique flags that will be placed visibly on each opposing side.

The applied rules for Saturday’s festivities include two teams, each team has a flag that can be guarded, opponents must try and catch the other team’s flag, if tagged during your mission on the enemies turf come back to the center line and complete 10 burpees, only then will you be free to resume another capture attempt. Whoever captures their opponent’s flag first wins that round for the team.

Majority of our time will be spent playing; there will be a longer warm up to insure our bodies are ready to attack the game, however no designated workout this weekend.

The Warm up will include a variety of animal crawls some full body rocks, squats and a skipping race to finish it.

Bring water, sunscreen and some big smiles it’s going to be a packed hour of fun. It only cost 10 dollars per family unit. Empower members, CrossFitters and Non CrossFitters of all ages and levels are welcome, same price applies for all who wants to play with team Empower and friends.

For any questions concerns or inquires please contact me at either 604-880-3634 or email me at [email protected].

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Almond Park 2pm Saturday 12th.

  • Sprite.