Today’s workout is a fun endurance-type effort. Expect the row and run to get your hip flexors and lower half fired up. The GHD sit-up is all about the hip flexors. You are either going to be better at either rowing or running. Whichever you like more, try to push the pace a little more than you want to. This will keep you on track for the entire workout. Because we are limited in the GHDs, we will split the group in two and stagger the start time of the second group. This should open up the GHD for the second wave. Spend no more than 2:00 per movement per round. Finish the workout within 14:00-18:00 or no more than 30:00.

If you are joining me on Zoom and you don’t have a rower, scale the row with a sumo deadlift high pull using a kettlebell or a dumbbell for 2:00. For the GHD sit-ups, scaling options are V-ups, tuck-ups, or Abmat sit-ups. Video demos are available beside each movement below.


3 rounds for time:

500m/400m row

400m run

30 GHD sit-ups

Dynamic Warm-up:

Set 1 (click link for demo video)

20 pulls on the rower (easy pace)

10 sit-ups (legs straight)

100m jog (no more than 1:00 to complete)

Set 2

20 pulls on the rower (moderate pace)

10 Abmat sit-ups

100m jog (faster than previous set)

Set 3

20 pulls on the rower (fast pace)

10 V-ups or tuck-ups

100m jog (faster than previous set)


GHD sit-ups


30 seconds each of per side:

lunge with spinal twist

pigeon pose

knee to chest stretch

thread the needle stretch or figure 4 stretch

90/90 stretch