Before the open announcement you will have a chance to tackle the first workout from this open season. For those of you in the open this may be a great day for some skill work or a reset. But for all of you not in the open this will be a great day to challenge your double unders and wall walks.

We will make sure you have a good progression to work on you skipping for the fifteen minutes and for the wall walks you want a challenging progression but we may not need the open standard to accomplish that.

Thought of the day

Still really enjoying Dan John’s book and one of the nuggets I have been pondering is: Be one pound lighter a year from now. Some times when we are thinking about weight loss we focus on big numbers like thirsty, forty, fifteen pounds, and this can become too daunting. Leading us to focus on the wrong things when setbacks happen and sometimes giving up all together.  But with one pound being a win we can use that as a motivation and as a catalyst to get our habits on track.

I only put this here because I know that you are dedicated to making positive changes in your life and will not us a smaller goal as a reason to slack off. Creating good habits is hard and you are on the right path to be willing to challenge the status quo.  We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym.


QOD: Favourite thing about spring break?

Warm up

3 rnds (1 minute)

Skipping (su, backward, du)

Inch worm, bear crawl, bear crawl plus kick up

Hollow hold, superman, hollow to superman roll


Wall walks




15 minute amrap

1- 3-6-9-15-21

Wall walks



Cool down

Calf drops

Trunk rotations

Dragon/ pigeon poses

Child pose