Thursday at 5 pm we will hear what the last workout(s) of the 2021 CrossFit open will be and for all of you competitors great job completing this open. For us non competitors we get a great chance to take on 21.2 aka 17.1 on Thursday. Zoomers you will need an object to single arm snatch and something to jump on, step on, or Jump over.  You will have twenty minutes to get through this one.

Emotionally this was a tough one to redo out of competition. The reason for this is I thought it was left unfinished in 2017 but, unfortunately for me, I finished it in 17:12 back then. This meant I could not completely dog it and needed to finish. I took it down Monday and without the adrenaline of competition and with a single mask change I finished in 19:30. Good news is I finished under the time cap and I see how I can get back to my previous in competition score.

Sometimes you will not be motivated for the hard workouts but you still need to put one foot forward and get it done. We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym.

Basics win fights

Sometimes the basic and straight forward answer is the right one. In fighting for example everyone wants to see the flashy, highlight reel finish (see below) but fighters usually have longer and more successful careers by being good at the basics. How does this apply to you? A very basic answer to eating better is having food prepped for when you are hungry.


On Tuesday I had a long day and with Katie working I was in charge of dinner. The kids thought fresh slice and A&W looked good but lucky for me we had better food from IGA ready to go. What is a basic idea you can apply to what you are working on now?




QOD:  Basics Ideas that have really worked for you?

Warm up

3 rnds

10 alternating step ups or step overs

5 full body rocks

1 minute plank ( L,M,R)


DB Snatch (Muscle/ Power)

Burpee box jump over



20 minute time cap


Db Snatches 35/50#


Burpee Box jump overs 20/24

Cool down

Trunk rotations

Arm circles

Couch stretch