It is time for the main event of the evening, the final workouts of the 2021 crossfit open. I have to say I really like this final week. Please take a look at the videos below but ignore the eight foot standard if you are coming into open gym. The warm up will be short and sweet but we will spend more time establishing your movement standard and progressions for the workout. For those in the open gym make sure you have your own timer and for the zoomers have a timer for your one minute rests in 21.3.


No thoughts today but definitely thought the video below was worth a share. Please come in ready for a good workout and we look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym.




QOD:  Best part about adulting?

Warm up

1 minute of each ( 2 minutes for TGU)

Hip swings

Hollow hold

Full body rock

Lat pull up or bent over rows

TGU (2x)


Workout Movements



21.3 (15 minute time cap)

15 Front Squats

30 T2B

15 Thrusters

1 minute rest

15 Front squats

30 C2B

15 Thrusters

1 minute rest

15 Front squats

30 BMU

15 Thrusters


21.4 right after 21.3  (7 Minute to establish heaviest weight)

1 rep of each



Hang Clean


Cool down

Arm circles

Trunk rotations

Downward dog/ cobra pose

Hip cross overs

Pull overs