July 2 2015

My third day off in a row.  First 3-day break since last summer’s trip to Lynden.  Slept in until 8am!  (-2)  One more rest day from work & CrossFit.

Got straight to work on laptop.  Didn’t do much the past 2 days so today I will work on month-end for personal & business.  Sunghee slept to 11am so I had 3 productive hours.

Chicken & spicy radish, berries & coconut milk
Before heading out for a family walk I ate once more.  I was very hungry.

Chicken & salsa, chicken burger, kimchee & bacon (+2), 2x berries & coconut milk

We drove out to Pacific Spirit park then walked through forest towards campus because Kaelin wanted to show Sunghee the new Student Union Building.  Then back the car enjoying the fresh ocean breeze that helped moderate the hot Vancouver sun.  (-12)

Chicken burger, kimchee & bacon (+2), berries & coconut milk
We stopped by Dunbar library on the way home.  Hot day in our apartment.  Finished up work then read & relaxed.

Chicken & spicy radish, berries & coconut milk
To bed early.  A good wind tonight helped make life bearable.  Back to work tomorrow and lots to do!

Daily Totals
Sleep -2
Food +4
Walking -6
Sun -6


Usually I would not like to have a negative balance like this but considering I’ve had 3 days off CrossFit, got a good sleep and ate rather poorly the past 2 days, I feel a slight point deficit actually balances everything out.