On Thursday you will be going for a little run. For those of you unable to run and that are on zoom we have a twenty minute EMOM (every minute on the minute) programmed for you. For anyone coming to the open gym the equipment versions are in the wod section for tomorrow.

Three kilometers is not a usual distance for us, because of this I ran the eight hundred meter three times, a four hundred meter and then the two hundred. It was a lot of changing direction which made it a fun practice day on an early Sunday morning.

I am looking forward to seeing you all on zoom and in the open gym.


Qod: favourite place to run?

Warm up

2 rnd  1 minute each

Hip swings

Lunge stretch

Calf raises


Dynamic warm up





3 km run ( 3km ski or row, 4.5km airdyne, 6 km echo)


20 minute Emom

5 burpees

Cool down

Runners stretch

Calf drops

Hip cross overs