What is holding you back?

A couple weeks ago, my coach, former CrossFit Games competitor, Andy Swartz of MadLab (formerly CrossFit Vancouver), visited to give members a sample demo of the work he’s been pursuing with his athletes.

He has been investigating how the visual, vestibular and proprioceptive systems effect performance.  Your brain navigates the world through the senses but, he notes, the brain is wired for survival, not performance.

Andy actively seeks to diagnose where your survival systems are sabotaging you and then seeks to rewire you for better performance.

To date these techniques have been used successfully both with athletes at the highest levels of performance and with individuals struggling with severe disabilities but they have rarely been applied to the broader population.

If we have 5 or more Empower members interested in attending, Andy has agreed to deliver a 12-week course here at CrossFit Empower starting Thursday September 12th running every Thursday from 6-7:30pm.  The cost is $420+GST ($35/90-minute session).

So far we have 3 confirmed attendees, we need 2 more.  If you want this course to run, please contact [email protected] before Saturday September 7th.