Every now and then my faith in a greater cosmic force for justice is reaffirmed.  This week the guilty have been punished and the good rewarded as you’ll see in each of these three tales.

A Fierce Lesson
In an effort to live up to his reputation, and knowing she is due to deliver any day now, Sandman issued this week’s 20.3 CrossFit Open challenge to none other than Fierce.

“Handicap?  It’s not my fault she’s pregnant,” Sandman said of the pregnant-to-bursting hero of this tale, “She’s Fierce, I’m not giving her any handicap!”

Poor Fierce has been battling as best she can through the CrossFit Open WODs but by the end of this week, nearing the end of her term, Fierce has had just about all she can take and despaired her inability to step up to Sandman’s challenge.

And that’s when the fates stepped in.  This morning on the day before his anticipated triumph a concerned Sandman approached me.

“Coach, my back is bothering me, I’m not sure I can do deadlifts.”

You know what that pain in your back is Sandman?  That’s karma.  Fierce for the win tomorrow.  Justice is served!

Not in Yeti’s House
This morning a friend of mine from CrossFit Vancouver visited the 5am class.  A former competitive CrossFitter he was determined to show everybody up.  On the kettlebell EMOM he made a point of going just heavy enough to out-lift Crusher and Rowdy.  Then grabbed Point Break’s barbell and banged out deadlifts for no apparent reason  (to demonstrate his prodigious strength)?

With a few minutes left on the clock, he looked around desperately for another opportunity to dominate the 5am crew.

“Who’s up for a hang-off?”  he challenged.

With a reluctant sigh Yeti stood up, visibly tired from 20.3, but unwilling to see the 5am go undefended.  Did I hear him mutter “I’m your Huckleberry” under his breath?

3, 2, 1, Go!  Both men jumped up and caught hold of the pull up bar.  Our guest immediately began loudly ruing his failure to chalk up.  Then went on about the benefits of hanging.  By 30 seconds in he was looking distinctly uncomfortable.  Yeti looked calm and relaxed.

At the 60 second mark our guest conceded defeat, dropping to the ground.  Yeti celebrated quietly by hanging on for a second minute.  And then a third.  And then for an Empower record-setting fourth minute!

And then, point made, Yeti came down.  No bragging.  No celebrating.  Actions, not words.  Yeti didn’t say a thing.  He didn’t have to.  We all heard him.  “Not in my house!” was the message so forcefully delivered.

Way to represent Yeti!

Hard Luck Hard Rock
2020 marks Hard Rock’s CrossFit Open debut and what a coming out party.  First place in 20.1 and second only to The Touch in 20.2, super-elite Hard Rock put us all in our place through the first two weeks of competition.

After her second great performance last Saturday, unwilling to give ground to an upstart, I just had to issue a challenge for 20.3 (naturally).  Last week Silk, this week Hard Rock.  And no handicap for me either.  Never mind she’s crushing me this year 2-0, I committed to beating her straight up whatever comes.

And the gods of justice obviously approved for in 20.3 they served Hard Rock a bitter dish of CrossFit justice in the form of 45 handstand push ups.  My favourite:)

Sweet, sweet justice.  All is well in the universe.