For Thursday you get a chance to take on a three rep max Snatch Balance. Now in theory this movement should be heavier than your snatch. But, because it’s less trained for most of us this may not be true for you yet.  In this movement focus on speed under the bar and try to catch the bar in the bottom of the squat. If you have lower body issues, that will stop you catching the bar low, try catching the bar as low as you feel stable and then descending from there. By doing this you will be more controlled and still able to hit a greater range of motion in a safe way.

When I did this one my body was feeling a little sore before starting. Perhaps doing all the quarter final workouts was not the best choice I have made recently. But after the snatch balances my body felt much better and I was able to work on a challenging piece of the snatch for me (speed under the bar).

Today’s workout is a great chance for you to bring a coffee or tea, for your five minutes of rest between sets. By resting we can make the most out of our lifting day and get the important pieces out of it. Not sure if I mentioned it but speed under the bar May be that piece for you.

Thought of the day

On days like today your goal should be to make every lift. Now this does not mean going light and not challenging yourself but means finding a balance.  As I mentioned above coming into the snatch balance I felt a little sore. Lucky for me I checked my previous score and this gave me the road map to hit an easy five pound personal record.


The balance is the ability to put in quality work and making sure the lifting day is challenging enough to keep you interested.  This is one reason why the three to five minute rest is so important on lifting days.  All of you are able to hit every rep with a pvc pipe but the goal for you is to find success while pushing your comfort zone.

Make sure you rest enough between sets, bring your coffee, challenge yourself, and put in the quality work your future self will thank you for. We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym.



QOD: If you could live in another place for six months where would it be?

Warm up

2 Rounds ( 1Min Each)

Shoulder pass throughs

Plate squats

Side plank

Pvc sotts press


Snatch Balance


Snatch Balance


Lifting on the 5 minutes

Cool down

Shoulder circles

Dragon/ pigeon poses

Cobra pose

Child pose with pvc pipe