On Thursday it will be time for four rounds of four hundred meters of running. Before you press skip on this one I will let you know it’s harder than it looks. Your goal on this workout,  with any piece of cardio equipment you use, should to be to have your time under two minutes for each effort.  This will get you a little more than a one to one work rest ratio. Making sure you can be consistent across each round.

I did this one around the gym and got the added bonus of avoiding obstacle. This kept it much more interesting. By the fourth round my legs felt like lead but I was still able to hold on and keep my times very consistent. It may not be the workout your want but could turn out to be the one you need.

Thought of the day

What music gets you motivated? You will see down below that the question of the day is music related. I know for myself, if I can hear it during a workout something has gone horribly wrong and I am definitely not as focus on the task at hand as I should be.

Listening to your favourite music can take you on a Journey.  One song from my bouncing days that I took a liking to is Calvin Harris’s Summer.  The DJ’s would always play it before closing time and it gave me a little motivation for the night to be over. How about for you? Any unlikely songs or decades of music that bring you joy? We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym.


QOD: Favourite Decade of music?

Warm up

Dynamic Warm up

(High knees, butt kicks, grape vine, forward skips, etc)


Run route

Equipment  Scaling

400m Ski, 500m row, 650m airdyne, or 800m Echo


4 rounds

400m run

2 minutes Rest

Cool down

Runners stretch

Calf raises

Hip crossovers

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