On Tuesday you get to take on virtual games event number one. This workout just happens to be a classic benchmark:  five kilometer row. Most of you have done this one. Have a look in zen planner for your previous times. This will help you make a plan and give you a target to shoot for.  If the row will not work for you tomorrow, there will also be ski, bike, and run options available.  For me the five kilometer ski did the trick.

If you are joining us on zoom we will make sure you have a good substitution for a good cardio day. For the second part of your warm up make sure you have a pvc pipe, broom stick, or hockey stick available. Come prepared for a good workout.

Thought of the day

Did you have an adventure over your long weekend?  Whether you were at home, on the road or somewhere in between hopefully you got a chance to enjoy your time. My wife and I were lucky to have a child less get away in Harrison for our anniversary weekend. This is very rare and with the crazy year we have had it was great to connect and not have to deal with the stress of everyday life for a few days.

Neither of us had ever been in the hot springs before, that was a fun adventure, and we even ran into someone from the gym. Glad to see Empower representing even in Harrison. This time away was really great and gave me the opportunity to come in the gym today with more energy and focus. What is one thing you can do to connect with a loved one this week?  We look forward to seeing you on zoom, in the group classes and in the open gyms.


Warm up

3 rnds 1 minute each



Get ups


3×3 SDHP sequence (deadlift above knee, change of speed above knee, full movement)




5 km Row

Cool down

Dragon / pigeon poses

Downward dog/ cobra pose

Child pose

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