It is time for a 5000 meter row. This is probably no one’s favourite day but is still a great opportunity to get some movement in. I did this in reverse order and did the quarterfinal workouts first. Because of this I used the row to work on a consistent pace rather than going for a personal best. My body feels great after.

For those of you in zoom land or coming to an open gym you can do a run, another piece of cardio equipment, or can work on some sumo deadlift high pulls. Rowing is not going anywhere.  Today will be a great practice day to be efficient.  Our challenge to you is to try and find a good pace for yourself. How long should the 500m splits take you?

Thought of the day

I have a tendency to down play or mitigate my circumstances. You know things like (insert challenge) is really hard but at least it is not as a bad as what they are dealing with (who ever they may be). Recently doing this has lead to some big emotions coming up; I guess you can only pack that stuff so deep. One piece of advice from my counsellor that was helpful was its okay to acknowledge what is coming up  and label it without feeling like you are just complaining. In fact it has helped me not just have a constant circular complaint but resolve it and get to the bottom of what it really is.

Things can be hard right now and that is okay but know that we are all ways here to help. We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym.


QOD: What is your goal for today’s workout?

Warm up

15/15 Hip swings

20 trunk rotations

10 full body rocks


3×3 SDHP sequence (deadlift above knee, change of speed above knee, full movement)




5 km Row

Cool down

Dragon / pigeon poses

Downward dog/ cobra pose

Child pose

  • Leon