Sunday’s workout of the day will be everyone’s favourite the 5 km run. Are you game for a run on our beautiful route?  Good news if you are on the wait list we have space for you.

This run was much needed after the games workouts. The game I played in Wednesdays Down pour was a nice and light pace. I choose to not look at my previous times; I just got on the road for some light work and the goal was to have my body feel good at the end of it.

This helped a lot with my recover as I have felt a little tired and with the start of kidsfit it has been a big week, as the first week always is. If you are thinking about skipping this one, on Sunday, it might not be the workout you want but the one you need most.

Now for the fun part, Corey beat me to the punch on talking about the Netflix original the Play book. Even if you just watch the first episode with Doc Rivers It is great and I think each coach had very interesting philosophies on how they coach their teams and what their guiding principles for life are. If you have watched the series which episode did you think was the best?

With this series in mind, Sunday’s question of the day will be what are some rules that you live by? And how would they make a positive impact for others if they followed them?


Warm up

1 min each

Hip swings


High knees

Butt kicks

Skipping forward and back


Review run route and scaling options


5 km Run

Cool down

Runners stretch

Calf drops

Couch stretch

Hip crossovers