Nice light day for you on Sunday of just fifty bar muscle ups. If it sounds like a lot, don’t worry we will have modifications and use most of the class as a way to work on skills and drills. If you are far away from your first muscle up we will still practice in the tech but in the workout we will find a challenging pull-up and dip variation to move you forward.

My approach on the fifty bar muscle ups was slow and steady. I remember last time doing this one both of my hands ripped in four places. I think this was actually the workout that finally made me buy bear complex grips. With this in mind my goal was to do singles and have zero hand rips. Mission accomplished and I was actually able to finish faster than last time. Make sure to have your chalk and grips, they helped a lot.

For anyone doing the open this will be a good gymnastics skill day. Please bring your questions and we will spend time refining skills for your bar muscle up.


Challenged or threatened


On Thursday the question of the day was what movement you hope not to see in the Crossfit open. As Shorty pointed out “should we not be focused on what we want to see rather than what we do not?”  Great observation by Shorty but negative visualization is also important and whether you are challenged or threatened by what you visualize is more important.

I remember in twenty fifteen the movement that I was dreading was the double under. Some days I could string twenty together other day’s one was a struggle.  Then fifteen point three was released (7 MU, 50 wall balls, 100 DU). When I first saw that workout I was very threatened by that third movement and I started by making excuses as to why it is not “a good workout” for my skill set.

One hundred looks like a lot, as fifty bar muscle ups may look like a lot, but this is where we can make a game to be challenged rather than threatened.  My game was try to get five double unders at a time. This way if I hit ten doubles  it was a win.  We can’t go back in time and stop avoiding those difficult movements but we can make a game with ourselves to have little victories along the way and to help us perform on the day.

  Food for thought

At first glance Thursdays question looks like it is coming from a negative but with a slight mindset shift it can motivate and help you figure out what game to play to empower yourself.  Are you challenged or threatened by difficult things? We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym.


QOD: Favourite part about the open?

Warm up

3 rnds

Shoulder pass throughs

Hollow (hold, superman, rock)

Bar hang, lat pull, beat swing (bent over rows or ring rows sub for any of these)


Bar mu drills

Pull up and dip subs


50 Bar MU

Cool down

Shoulder pass throughs

Grip stretch

Flag pull

Wrist stretches