Empower Hobbyists
Friday members shared with us their favourite hobbies.  With as diverse a crew as we have at Empower you’d expect a long list of different hobbies and you’d be right but here were the most popular ones:

Gardening (5 votes)
Reading (3 votes)
Baking (2 votes)
Walking Dog (2 votes)

And three members, Boomer, Iron Dam and WOD Father said they were living their hobbies.

Special thanks to Crusher whose hobby supplied today’s featured blog post image:)

Dr. T turns 50!
Thanks everyone who helped us celebrate Dr. T’s 50th birthday Saturday morning, with 20+ attendees, it was our biggest Zoom WOD ever!  Thanks Dr. T for bringing us all together and giving us something to celebrate as we each reflected on memorable birthdays from our past!

20 in 2020 Contestants
Out of town for the first half of January DK only attended 11 Crossfit classes in the first month of the year but has since rallied and with 30 classes attended in April she has wiped out her 9 class deficit and is now one of the Empower members on track to win the 20 in 2020 challenge!

Attendance in April was down from an average of 11 classes per month to 10 classes per month but for many Empower members, April was their best attendance so far in 2020.  Great work all.  Keep showing up, keep logging your WODs.  May is a month full of uncertainties but we promise, one way or another, by Zoom or outdoors, we will continue providing CrossFit classes for you!

Here are our members on track to win the 20 in 2020 challenge:


Menace, Shine and Gymkata still need to make up a few classes form January or February but could become contenders if tehy continue with their strong attendance!

One third of the training year is behind us already.  Big props to all of you for sticking with it through good times and bad!

DK’s for Dinner Tuesday 5pm
This week’s cooking club will be hosted by DK, here’s what’s on the menu:

Salmon Patties (~ enough for 1 person, so double/triple as needed)
– 160g can of salmon
– some green onion (1-3 per can of salmon) (any other type of onion will do)
– 1 egg (could probably sub water from cooking chickpeas)
– 5-7 crackers of any sort (I will use Ritz or saltines, could also probably sub cooked rice or sweet potato)
– some parsley or another fresh herb you have
– cooking oil (I will use olive)
– salt and pepper
– optional: your favorite condiments, e.g. ketchup, mustard, mayo, relish, etc.

Insalata Verde (“The Best Green Salad in the World”)
– 1/2 head butter or bibb lettuce
– 1/2 romaine heart
– Optional: Belgian endive, frisée (endive), water cress
(any lettuces will do, really)
– Dijon mustard
– whole-grain mustard (also called “stone ground mustard”)
– olive oil
– aged sherry vinegar (can sub other vinegar if need to)
– 1 shallot
– fresh thyme (can sub dried)
– 1 clove garlic
– salt and pepper
– honey (optional)

Let me know if you can’t find anything and I can help you out! ([email protected])

Mufasa’s Hot Tip
Rent the Dunbar Theatre for popcorn and to stream your own private ,movie.  $100 for a couple, a bit more for a family.  Imagine, the whole theatre just for your group!  Now all we need are great movie suggestions.

Sunday WOD
Warm up
2 rnds
10 shoulder pass throughs
20 straight legged bear steps
30 sec plank

Medball clean
Wall walk
V-sit up and progressions

3 rnds
5 wall walks
25 med ball cleans 20/14
30 ghd sit ups

Get as close to the wall as you can safely in the wall walk
Medball clean is a squat clean