The 5K Run.

Not the most exciting CrossFit WOD but there are few things more functional than running.  And portable too.  You can run almost anywhere.  Aerobic health.  We all need it.

We prefer to run outside, the vitamin D factor adds to the health benefits.  The residential area off Dunbar Street provides safe, quiet, shaded routes.  With Vancouver’s moderate climate we can run most of the year.  If outdoor running is not an option for you you can run indoors on a treadmill.  Or if you have injuries that prevent you from running you could row or use a stationary cycle.  If cycling, double the distance to 10K.  I’m not as keen on the stair master and wouldn’t even bother with the elliptical trainer.

If 5K is a long distance for you, you may reduce the distance to suit your fitness level or alternate short sprints with intervals of walking.

Because running does not provide a lot of entertaining footage for you I have thrown in this video from our BC Day long weekend Team WOD.

1st Place Team 8am
This team was stacked!  And they had HHH & Smash from the winning team of last week’s Moving WOD.  I don’t think the 8am crew had today’s best strategy.  In fact, I think their strategy cost them some precious time but what they lacked in planning they made up for in sheer athleticism.

2nd Place Team 10am
With the oldest mean age team 10am’s success was communication & planning.  Not a surprise on a team that included 3 UBC professors!  They also had Jersey from the victorious Moving Day team to help strategize.  Even with only 7 members their time was very close to the 1st place 8am team even after a mishap with the tractor tire.  Neither tire nor Hammer’s mini van were harmed in the collision.

3rd Place Team 9am
This team had a better strategy going in than 8am but proved that a poor strategy executed well beats a good strategy poorly executed.  Communication and organization fell apart resulting in a lot of extra work for this team despite a talented team of athletes.  Or maybe because of.