Wednesday August 5th was a perfect day for a 5K Run.  It was overcast and cool with some scattered showers.  Just what Vancouver and surrounding regions needed!

Today we ran the new route up Dunbar Street to 19th then right to Crown and right again to 17th and out to Dunbar (1 mile) repeating the loop 3 times and finishing with a 200m loop around our block for an almost perfect 5K.

Here’s a rundown of who actually showed up to run:

Predictably Magnum & Dangers set the times to beat for the day.  Smart money of course would be on Magnum.  Too bad Sandman was away.
Clue & Crusher had respectable run times
Skipper went for extra credit and ran a little longer distance than RX’d.  Oops.
It was a big return for Mr. & Mrs. Dolly & Steel as they made their 1st post-wedding CrossFit appearance.  How appropriate as they first met on a run:)  FeProf & Steel made good running buddies pacing each other the whole way.
Minion set a personal best on this 5K and Music Man tackled the whole thing wearing Vibrams

Road Warrior played it safe with his knee and did 7.5km on the Airdyne.  Smash came in to destroy the top times and succeeded in dethroning Magnum to post today’s fastest 5K run!
IMG_1208 IMG_1209
Shine came fully prepared for the elements. Princess hung back with Go for the first mile and then opened it up for the remainder showing surprising speed for someone who does not run.
Go completed a 1 mile run and then came in to work on ring rows

Tamahock set a 5K personal best with a strong run that put her atop the women’s times and Jersey may have had a personal best also, he really raced through his final mile crossing the finish with great speed!
IMG_1217 IMG_1218
Doc Disc did the right thing and played it safe with the Airdyne rather than complete the run that was aggravating his back.

In between classes HHH ran a solo 5K using the old awful route to set the fastest women’s time.

Adventure ran solo her pacing a perfect 9 minutes for each mile!  That earned her a strong finish just behind Tamahock, HHH & Minion

6pm Open Gym
Most members elected to do the run.
Still Waters set the fastest women’s times and also one of the fastest men’s times!  Beastor and his monster calves lamented the lack of uphill on the new running route.
IMG_1229 IMG_1230
Fast Trak & The Calm edged out HHH for 2nd & 3rd place
IMG_1231 IMG_1232
2Badd elected to use Open Gym time to catch up on Hero WOD Murph which included nearly as much running plus a whole lot more in-gym suffering.
Great work everyone.  Kudos to all the non-runners who showed up to work on their weakness!