It is time for another 5 km run. Make sure you bring your running shoes on Thursday and for those that need it we will have substitutions to help you get a good cardio day in.

We have had some big workouts recently and you should take today as a time to work on pacing and as a light cardio day. Come in aware of your personal best and let’s try to use that to pace off of.

On this one I went for a light ten point seven km run. With the games athletes getting turned around for double five kilometers I decided to run up to the woods and do the same. Surprisingly it felt good just to get on the road, into the woods for a light run. Especially because my favourite workouts involve a barbell and some gymnastics but the run was very relaxing.

If your body is feeling sore or if you need to work on finding a good pace Thursday’s workout will be a great one for you. Are you ready for a little bit of running?



Warm up

Dynamic warm up


Review running route

Note scaling options:

5km row, ski

7.5 km airdyne

15 km echo bike

20 minutes of cardio


5 km Run

Cool down

Calf drops

Runners stretch

Hip cross overs