Are you ready for another strength day?  On Sunday we will be doing five sets of three reps of back squats. This will be another great workout to have the zoomers and open gym people working out together as it will be a low intensity day.

Recently I have preferred holding my numbers rather than increasing each set. And this workout was a great day as I was able to add 5 pounds for each lift since the last time. If it has been a while since you have back squatted be a little more conservative start lighter and add only if the set felt good.

For me in particular the back squat has been a challenging lift. Before switching to a low bar I almost wanted to skip this day. if you are in that camp watch the video above and come in with some questions. This will be a good time to improve your technique so you will start to like this movement a little bit.

You will be lifting on the five minutes and for any of you on zoom without heavy weights we will have an alternative for you.  I am looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday.


QOD: Best part of the weekend?

Warm up

3 rounds  (1 minute each)

Samson Back lunges

Plank (L,M,R)



Back Squat


Back Squat


We will lift on the five minutes

Cool down

Trunk rotations

Couch stretch

Cobra, child poses