Strength day on Sunday, You will get to take on a five by five back squat. We will be lifting on the five minutes and for those of you on zoom, without heavy weight, we will have a good alternative for you. For scoring keep track of your total volume and I like to put that in the notes and what I lifted in as the score.

Your mindset really matters on a strength day. I made a mental error on my five by five and it lead to my first failed back squat rep in a very long time. I was feeling off as I warmed up my squat. Because of this, I put the weight down and did not PR for the first time in a long time on this lift. This caught me mentally off guard as I took the weight for granted and got out of position. My bright spot was being able to change my plan and make it through the five by five with plan c.

Come in ready to go but also have a healthy respect for whatever weight you have. If you move well things will feel good, and you will keep moving the game forward regardless of how much you lift. Getting strong will have a positive impact on all the other things we do that is why strength days are so important.

Come in with a plan, maybe two, for your lifting day. There will be a lot of time to build up to your working weight and for some post workout mobility.  We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym for another strength day.



QOD: Best part of the weekend?

Warm up

3 rounds  (1 minute each)

Samson Back lunges

Plank (L,M,R)


Back Squat


Back Squat


We will lift on the five minutes

Cool down

Trunk rotations

Couch stretch

Cobra, child poses