On Tuesday you will have an opportunity for a solid lifting day. Five by five deadlifts is a great day to get stronger. This will also be a coffee workout as we will be lifting on the five minutes.

The Deadllift is definitely my favourite lift. I feel regardless of what your day looks like you need the ability to pick things up safely. If you are in the open gym we can play off of your percentages and for those of you in zoom land, that don’t have relatively heavy weights, we will focus on a perfect lifting position.  We need to respect our position even on light weights.

For this one I want you to keep track of your total volume as well as what you lifted for each set. Both are very valuable data to help you keep moving forward on your strength. I was able to hold four fifteen for all five sets. While this was ten pounds lighter than my all time best set of five. My total volume lifted was over two hundred pounds more than ever before. Little wins like this keep us motivated on our strength journey.

I am looking forward to seeing in the open gym and on zoom. Because it’s a lifting day it will be great for us all to lift together.




QOD: how many times do you pick things of the floor in a day?

Warm up

3 rounds

3/3 Rdls

5 Bent over rows






Cool down

Trunk rotations

Couch stretch