This Thursday we are going to step outside into the crisp fall weather and take on a running workout. Whether you love to run, or hate to run, or something in between, it’s a great opportunity to challenge yourself.

I’m one of those runners’s that love to run and I geek out over race pace and timing. I work on good form and always make sure I have the right shoes and socks for the workout. I don’t generally run with any music distractions; my focus is on the pavement in front of me. It’s a time to clear my head and practice my breathing, creating a good mindset for the day. I think the part of running I enjoy the most is being outside. It’s sometimes hard to get through wet rainy winters in Vancouver, but I know if I can get outside to run or even walk for 30 minutes every day it makes a huge difference.


Shades and I have decided to challenge ourselves to just that and we invite the community to join us next month for the Food Drive Fundraiser Streak Challenge.

The Streak Challenge will start on December 1st and will run (pun intended) until the end of December. Your goal should you choose to accept it is:  You must run or walk at least 1 mile everyday of the month.

Sign up:  there is no cost to sign up. The sign up form will be on the bulletin board in the cubby area at the gym next week. Along with the sign up form, will be a QR code to donate to the Food Drive. Instead of doing canned foods and such, Shades and I thought that the online donation would be an easy way to help those in need for the winter months. I am going to aim for $1/mile.

Why should you streak?

1) Good Exercise

2) Get out in the Fresh Air

3) Great Cause to Support the Food Bank

4) Check out fun Holiday Lights and Décor

5) You can tell people you took up streaking. It makes for a great conversation piece.

See you in the gym!  – OG





Running Drills



Running Tips


Where is the 800m turn around?



5 Rounds, each for time

800 meter run

3 min rest


Cool down