Dumbbell snatches and Dumbbell overhead squats plus some L-Pull Ups, that’s what was on the menu for today’s CrossFit WOD at Dunbar Empower.

This is the type of workout that you will find programmed at few other CrossFit affiliates in Vancouver and yet these asymmetrically loaded movements are key to develop physiological balance.  In between big high intensity WODs CFHQ throws in some of these re-balancing WODs and they are always tough.  They are movements we all need to work on.

The DB snatch
DB OHS CrossFit Empower  (2)DB OHS Dunbar Street (4)DB OHS Dunbar Street (2)
DB OHS Vancouver
The L-Pull Up
CrossFit L-Pull UpCrossFit L-PU
Congratulations to Magnum & Bruiser who RX’d this one!
DB OHS CrossFit Empower  (3)
Human beings move contralaterally and single hand movements like these force us to stabilize across the transverse axis helping improve our mobility and stability and increasing our resilience to injury.  CrossFit Empower is the only Vancouver CrossFit following the actual CrossFit HQ programming.  We follow it because it works.  If you are interested in reaping the benefits of following CFHQ programming come visit us:  https://www.empowereverybody.com/get-started/