As you already are aware another series of rainstorms are assaulting areas of the BC interior already devastated by recent record rainfalls.  As these communities brace for more destruction volunteer crews are working hard to help shore up the dykes and bring whatever aid they can to beleaguered residents of the Fraser Valley.  Sunghee and I are very proud that our son is among them. He shipped out this week, taking two weeks off from his studies to offer his service as a reservist in the Canadian Armed Forces. 

Last week I wrote about the importance of being a contribution to the world.  There are many ways a person can make a meaningful contribution to others and we are thrilled that our son has found a productive way to help others in need.  So you can bet we were excited when we saw Wednesday night’s CBC News coverage of crews working in Abbotsford and saw our son front and centre and hard at work!  At the 1:10 mark of the video below the camera closes right in on our son (brown T-shirt, no gloves) and thereafter the 6+ minute video captures quite a bit of his work filling and carrying sandbags to fortify the damaged dykes.  Please forgive my indulgence.  A father couldn’t be prouder.


Sunday Deadline: Apparel Order
This will be your last chance to get your gear with the classic CrossFit Empower logo. Visit the Empower online shop to place your apparel order before it closes this Sunday . November 28th.

12 Days of X-Mas: Saturday December 11th 8am to 12pm
Come help us celebrate our 12th annual 12 Days of X-mas event.  It is open to all group class and personal training members and families.  Bring a friend to help you through the WOD and bring a little something tasty for our X-Mas potluck table.  Come one, come all.  By Zoom or in person, we look forward to celebrating with you:)

Friday WOD
Today’s workout is a short 7 minutes which means it will be easy to share the space by running 2 heats with your partner counting reps for you.  It will leave us a lot of time to work on tech.  In particular, I would like to continue developing the beat swing and kip which we made some progress with on our last T2B workout day.  But there are also some useful instructional pieces that we can discuss surrounding the box jump.  If you are training from home you may need a pull up alternative.  Broad jumps are a good substitute for box jumps.

Warm Up
3 Rounds (1 min each):

Group A Group B
Lat Pull Ups Step Ups
Bar Lever Squat Jumps
Beat Swing Broad Jumps

Ninja Jump Test
Beat Swing & Kipping

7 min AMRAP
7 Box Jumps
7 C2B Pull Ups