OK, I’m bragging a bit here because when I started CrossFit 2 years ago, I was as overweight and out of shape as I have ever been. My staples: swimming or cycling, and yoga, just weren’t holding my interest anymore.

As with any activity I do, it started with peer pressure. Friends were doing it – and annoyingly super fit – so Livewire and I decided to try. I had double rotator cuff sleeping injuries (you know you’re old when you get injured sleeping) and could barely do a push up against the wall, run around the block (knees, back) and forget pull-ups!

CrossFit seemed this unattainable, crazy activity that only super-fit 20-somethings did. Thankfully at this gym, everyone was my age so I didn’t have any excuses

I have progressed to being able to run 6-7 km (still don’t love running), doing 150 push-ups in a workout (from toes) and today, finally doing all the pull-ups in the workout.

My hands are ripped and I’ll feel it tomorrow, but it’s exciting to be doing something I never thought I would be able to do

Thanks CrossFit Empower!!

– Spice

Thank you Spice!  These are the kinds of success stories that we love to hear about!

Saturday WOD
This is a fun low intensity workout that we can all play together.  Zoom WODers, if you are lacking weight to add to theses movements you can do max reps instead of max weight.  For the one mile run we are going to do a fun bunny chase outdoors.  3 benchmarks, 3 opportunities to score personal bests.

Equipment: Pull up station or alternative

Warm Up A
2 Rounds:
1 min Ring rows
1 min Judo Push Up Rocks

Weighted C2B 1-1-1-1
Weighted Ring Dips 1-1-1-1

Warm Up B
2 rounds:
1 min Marching
1 min Skipping

1 mile Run

Cool Down
Calf Stretch
Quad Stretch
Hamstring Stretch