June 7 2015

Slept until 6am (-2).  Threw in laundry.  Then breakfast.

Chicken burger & coleslaw, berries & coconut milk, cranberry juice (+2)
Finished lots of work as Kaelin & Sunghee slept in.  Then ate again.

Same as above but Taskmaster’s fresh blueberries instead of juice.
We walked out to Pacific Spirit Park for some family time.  Vancouver skies no longer as smoky as previous days.  A lovely walk in the woods (-8).

Stopped by Dunbar Produce on the way home then IGA.

Salmon with mango salsa, berries & coconut milk
I had a headache.  I think it is carb withdrawal.  It usually sets in 5-6 days after my last carb feeding and is accompanied by lots of acne.  I suspect it is my body shifting into ketosis.

Salmon, chicken burger & chicken sausage, berries & coconut milk
Rested through the afternoon heat not keen to do much of anything.

At 7pm I drove Kaelin to CrossFit to work out with his young crew.  They are having so much fun!  Dr. T and I chatted while The Touch coached.

Returned home tired.  Got ready and into bed.  Once again was asleep before Sunghee made it to bed.  Sometime later was awakened by a mosquito in my ear.  Couldn’t sleep until I “dealt with it”.