From Tabata-style intervals to Fran to Sprint-Clean & Jerk Intervals, there’s a lot more adrenaline in the programming since Glassman’s departure and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit it is more fun than a steady diet of SLIPS and strict pull ups.

Monday’s Fran produced a bunch of personal bests and also introduced a lot of Empower members to their very first Fran.  The goal was to scale the movements in such a way that you would be able to finish under the 10 minute time cap.  It’s tricky to get the balance right because the weight that feels so light in round 1 can be soul crushing come round 2.  That’s just how Fran goes.

Props to those who RX’d it AND finished under the time cap including: Brick, Smokey, The Truth, and The Heat and special mention to Fierce and Dr. T who both scored nearly 2 minute personal bests while finishing RX’d under the time cap!  Honorable mention to Yeti who demonstrated the perfect post-Fran posture.

Wednesday WOD
Kettlebell, Skipping Rope, Barbell, pen & paper to record split times

Warm Up
1 min Skipping
1 min Russian KB swings
1 min Skipping
1 min CF KB Swings
1 min Skipping
1 min Alt single Arm KB Swings
1 min Skipping
1 min Alt KB Cleans
1 min Skipping
1 min Alt KB Clean & Jerks

Clean & Jerk

5 Rounds:
400m Run
15 C&J
Rest 3 mins

This is a sprint!  Pick a weight you can complete unbroken.  Your finish time is your score but record split times to your notes.

Cool Down
Samson Stretch
Scap Rock
Downward Dog