30 Weighted Pull Ups, 50 Strict Pull Ups and 70 Kipping pull ups for a total of 150 pull ups in as few sets as possible.  Hands that were tough as rawhide pre-COVID have softened during the closure.  At the women’s weight I was pleased to complete this workout without tearing.  2-hours later, demoing the pull up for my PT clients my hand burst open spilling blood all over the pull up bar.

This is a great pull up strengthening day but you need to have a strategy.  The pull up is supposed to get progressively easier.  If you don’t yet have strong pull ups you could do something like the following:

3 Band-assisted pull ups
5 Ring Rows
7 Jumping Pull Ups

Only the 6 registered class attendees will have access to pull up bars.  It will be first come, first served, no guarantee you get your favourite height pull up bar.  You will have to make do.

We will have 4 additional spots on the lifting platform for wait listed members.  There will be no access to a pull up bar but you can still get in on the fun with something like this:

3 Bent Over Barbell Rows
5 Pendlay Rows
7 Double Kettlebell Bent Over Rows

One way or another, we will work on developing your pull up muscles tomorrow.

Warm Up
10 Band Pull Aparts prone & supine
10 each Banded T, Y, W, L
10 Lat Pull Ups

Pull Up/Bent Over Row Options

10 Rounds
3 DB Weighted Pull Ups
5 Strict Pull Ups
7 Kipping Pull Ups

Cool Down
Banded Shoulder Pass Throughs
Lat Stretch
Forearm Stretch