What better way to start 2016 than with 200 wall balls and 3.2km of running?  A solid CrossFit WOD to be sure but on this cold Vancouver day running around Dunbar Street could prove treacherous.  For athlete health and safety it is important to be able to adapt programming as needed.  That is why we offered alternatives like a 1000m Row or 1.2km on the Airdyne.  I am pleased to report that everyone finished safely:)

8am It was great to see Codex return to action with Smash, Magnum, Sass, Janice, G-Money, Dangers, Motor & Hammer
1 CrossFit_Empower_Group_Class
1 CrossFit_Empower_Vancouver 1 CrossFit_Empower_Wall_Ball1 CrossFit_ Empower_Dunbar

10am I didn’t guarantee completion but Doc Disc, PomPom, Shine, Aquagirl, Super Mario, Springs, Peril & Mr. Fantastic all successfully completed 4 rounds!
2 CrossFit_Empower_Group_Class
2 CrossFit_Empower_Dunbar  2 CrossFit_Empower_Vancouver 2 CrossFit_Empower_Wall_Ball
Congratulations to those who RX’d the wall ball weight!  Mr. Fantastic, Smash & Super Mario all finished under 40 minutes.  Magnum & Dangers were virtually neck & neck with 1st and 2nd place finishes respectively as they both completed under 30 minutes!    Aquagirl was the only woman to complete at RX’d weight and bested both The Touch & WOD Father with her finishing time.  Suck it coaches!
3 Crossfit_Empower 3 CrossFit_Empower_Dunbar3 CrossFit_Empower_RX 3 CrossFit_Empower_Vancouver 3 CrossFit_Empower_Wall_Ball

At CrossFit Empower safety is our priority.  We specialize in adapting original CrossFit HQ programming to your ability level.  Come find out more: https://www.empowereverybody.com/get-started/